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Window Tinting

It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul.  In that case, the windows must illuminate the soul of your car.  Window tinting adds a finishing touch to the look of any ride: car, truck, SUV – heck, even a mini-van looks more exclusive with window tint adorning it’s side and back glass.  Up the toughness of your Charger, Challenger, or Camaro and cut down the glare of the midday sun with some window tint professionally installed by California Wheels.  Enhance the luxury of your BMW, Mercedes or Escalade, and watch the crowd gawk as your tinted windows reflect the city lights while you cruise downtown or around the city.  No matter what style you’re going for window tinting helps take it to the next level.

Window tinting has benefits beyond just cosmetic appearance.  Keep the glare of the sun out of the eyes of your family and friends.  With tinted windows all the passengers in your car get to ride in tinted luxury.  Filtering the sun’s damaging rays can actually help save your investment in your car as well.  Nothing ruins a car interior faster than the sun, and tinted windows reduce the fading and cracking associated with long-term sun damage, keeping your car looking showroom new, longer.

California Wheels provides several window tinting options so you can achieve just the look you’re after.  Come in to either of our two locations to see samples of each of the various shades of window tint and choose the degree of tint that works best for you.

But before you make your decision, make sure you understand the specifics of each of the window tinting options.  First and foremost, window tint is rated by the percentage of light which permeates through the tint.  So, the higher the tint percentage, the more light shines through, and the lighter the appearance of the tint on your windows.  For example, 70% tint lets in 70% of the outside light, and is only slightly darker than tint-free windows.

Tint is available in 5 options ranging from lightest – 70%, to darkest – 5%.  Use the list below to better understand the pros and cons of each degree of window tint.

o   70% – Legal.  For front driver and passenger side windows, 70% is as dark as you can go without risking a citation.  Anything darker than 70% on your front two windows is a ticketable offense in California.

o   50% – Light.  Light tint gives you nice glare and hard light reduction, and limited interior protection from the sun’s rays, but still allows very good visibility.

o   35% – Medium.  The best of both worlds.  A nice, darker look for your windows is balanced with good visibility and interior sun protection.

o   20% – Dark.  Now the lights are really going down.  Dark tint provides very noticeable darkness to dramatically heighten the style of your ride.  While dark tint still lets in 20% of outside light to give you just the look you’re after, and still retain some night visibility.

o   5% – Limo.  Fully blacked out – as dark as you can get.  Very dark, exclusive look will have everyone wondering, “who could the VIP behind those blacked out windows be?”  For the ultimate clean, elegant look.  See out, but don’t let the masses see in.

It’s important to note that no degree of window tint is permitted for your windshield, and tint of any kind on your front window can result in a fix-it ticket (requiring removal of the tint) by law enforcement.  However with any rear side windows and back window you can make your tint as dark as you like.

Most SUVs come from the factory with 20% tint on the back windows, but tinting can be increased to 5% limo tint to achieve the ultimate exclusive appearance.

Once you’ve selected your desired tint you’ll be glad to hear that California Wheels can get the job done quickly, often in just one day.  Call ahead to set up an appointment and bring your car in for it’s tinting makeover.

Rest assured, your window tint won’t just look amazing when you drive out of the California Wheels parking lot, it will look great for the life of your vehicle, since all tinting work performed by California Wheels comes with a lifetime guarantee.  If you notice any bubbles, creases or tears, call up California Wheels and we’ll fix your problem at no additional cost to you.


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