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Wheel Repair & Re-Finishing

Few things are as frustrating as putting in the creativity, time, and money to create a unique, personalized look for your car - only to have a road hazard or curb tap ruin the finish of your brand new wheel.  Before you get too upset with yourself (or whomever you kindly lent your ride to) call up California Wheels and let us fix your damaged wheel, and restore your ideal set-up to it’s former glory. California Wheels specializes in dealing with wheel repair and re-finishing for all types of wheel damage, from small scratches or “curb rash” to significant damage like cracks or bent wheels.


No matter how careful you are, road hazards and parallel parking are the reality of everyday driving.  “Curb rash” is a term used to describe minor cosmetic damage done to a wheel by accidentally bumping or rubbing up against a curb or other parking barrier.  Unfortunately, even a light tap against a concrete curb can cause ugly scratches and ruin the finish of an otherwise perfect wheel.  California Wheels has the tools and machinery to resurface wheels and the expert technicians to make sure the job is done right.  If you have a wheel in need of some TLC due to a case of curb rash, bring your car in to California Wheels and make those unsightly scrapes and dents a thing of the past.


Cracks in wheels are a more common problem than you might think.  Having a problem with a slow leak causing your tire pressure to drop?  Puzzled because you can’t see an obvious nail or debris in the tire, causing the leak?  It could be that your leak is actually being caused by small, internal cracks in your wheel.  While a cracked wheel might seem like a devastating problem, and the end of the wheel, in many cases cracks are easily repairable.

Most cracks happen on the internal barrel of a wheel, running either perpendicular or parallel to the lip of the wheel.  At California Wheels we’ll take a close look at your specific problem, and figure out the correct remedy to restore a quality finish, and reliable integrity for your wheel.  We go above and beyond other wheel shops with the lengths we go to ensure a high quality fix.  For instance, many shops commonly spot weld the top of a crack, causing a space, trapped air bubble, or other imperfection to persist beneath the “fix”.  At California Wheels we employ a multi-step process to ensure the job is done right.

First, the cracked area of the wheel needs to be prepped for welding.  The cracked wheel is thoroughly cleaned to reveal the full extent of the crack and create a clean surface for the fix.  Once clean, a grinding process removes any wheel finish, powder coat, paint, etc., exposing the bare metal of the rim and the damaged area.

A commonly overlooked step in welding a cracked wheel is enlarging the crack to make sure the weld penetrates completely into the wheel.  At California Wheels we have our own, in house, die grinder that is used to enlarge cracks, ensuring that the weld seeps through the entire thickness of the wheel, creating a solid structure (without any air pockets) and fusing the weld with the existing wheel structure, rather than merely a surface weld.

After the damage is cleaned and the crack is prepped for the weld, it’s time for the weld itself.  By having our own in house welding equipment, and experts with decades of experience specifically in welding vehicles or wheels, you can be confident that California Wheels will stand by the quality of the weld.

Once a solid weld is completed the bead portion of the wheel must be ground down and smoothed out.  Grinding and smoothing the wheel ensures that the tire can seat and bead properly, creating the air tight seal needed to allow proper tire inflation.

To avoid a shoddy repair job, and potential future problems, make sure to bring your damaged wheel into California Wheels.  With a diagnosis and repair by California Wheels, you can be confident that a trained professional has taken your wheel repair seriously.  Not only will your repaired wheel look outstanding on the surface, but you will get peace of mind knowing that your fixed wheel retains a safe ride for yourself and your passengers.


Wheel bends are normally caused by road hazards such as debris in the road, potholes, or uneven pavement, but they can also be caused by hitting a curb or other parking barrier.

The severity of a wheel bend can differ depending on the damage to the wheel.   Some bends give the wheel an oblong or octagonal shape, causing a flat area in the circumference of the wheel, creating an uneven ride.  Harder dents or impacts can create leaks.  Longer impacts can create vibration issues – knocking the wheel out of balance or out of round, and causing performance issues, especially at higher speeds.

Keep in mind that every case of wheel damage is different, and often more than one type of damage can be present on a wheel.  But even if your wheel damage looks extensive, even if you fear that your custom wheels are a total loss, let the professionals at California Wheels take a closer look at your problem, and let you know your options for fixing the problem.

Of course the best type of wheel repair is pro actively preventing damage.  Make sure to regularly check your tire pressure, especially on wide width, low profile tires, to ensure that you have appropriate tire pressure at all times.

Not only will the correct tire pressure help prevent wheel damage, it will also extend the life of your tires.  In fact, maintaining good tire pressure will even save you money by allowing your car to get the best gas mileage possible.

Remember, all wheel shops aren’t created equal.  Come in to California Wheels to make sure that you’re dealing with experienced professionals who have the knowledge and the machinery to fix your damaged wheels, and restore the custom look you worked so hard to create in the first place.

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