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Brake Caliper Painting

As the size of custom wheels continues to grow, and with modern, sleek styling featuring fewer spokes or other wide open designs, your vehicle’s brake parts are standing out like never before.  Unfortunately, brake calipers and rotors are generally created for function and not form; to perform but not be seen.  What do you do when your ugly brake parts are showing?  Accentuate your style by painting your brake calipers and rotors.

If custom wheels are the ultimate accessory for your vehicle, painted break calipers are the added touch of color that attract the eye and properly highlight the style of your rims.  California Wheels can paint your brake parts and provide your ride with a classy, alluring touch of color.  Choose an aggressive red, yellow or more unconventional color to add a sophistication and make your wheels really pop.  Or black out your breaks in matte or glossy finish, for a more refined, tough look, and let your wheels speak for themselves.

No matter what color you choose, popular logos like Brembo, AMG, or the manufacturer’s logo for your car can be added to painted brake calipers to retain or replicate a legitimate manufacturer look.  If you’ve put in the creativity and effort to customize just the right look for your vehicle, make sure not to overlook the final detail to make your wheels stand out.  Flaunt your style with professionally painted brake calipers.

Painting your brake calipers has functional benefits in addition to upgrading your ride’s style.  As calipers age, they accumulate difficult to remove brake dust and road dirt.  Worse still, calipers can rust overtime.  During the painting process, we’ll clean off existing grime, rust deposits and uneven surfaces in the finish, ensuring your brake parts are in the best condition possible before painting.  Furthermore, a fresh coat of paint will help protect your calipers against future rust, and makes them easier to clean, keeping them looking fresh and new, longer.

Contact California Wheels and set up an appointment to have your brake calipers and rotors painted today.

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