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N'Priz AH5
Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires
N'Priz AH5

  • Description

      The N'Priz AH5 has four wide longitudinal grooves that improve drainage performance; a rigid shoulder block design to enhance cornering, handling and a quiet comfortable ride; and a dual kerf design to enhance block stiffness and mileage.

  • Part Number Size SideWall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    15148NXK p205/55r16 black wall t p 89
    15400NXK 195/70r14 black wall t 91
    12558NXK p195/55r15xl black wall v p 87
    15137NXK 235/60r16 black wall t 100
    15136NXK 225/60r16 black wall t 98
    14661NXK 205/70r15 black wall t 96
    15138NXK 185/55r15 black wall h 82
    16406NXK 165/65r14/4 black wall s 79
    15401NXK 215/70r14 white wall t 96
    15150NXK 225/55r17 black wall t 97
    15402NXK 225/70r15 white wall t 100
    15011NXK 175/65r14xl black wall t 86
    14662NXK 215/70r15 black wall t 98
    15149NXK 215/55r17 black wall h 94
    15140NXK p195/65r15 black wall t p 89
    15408NXK 235/75r15xl white wall s 109
    12562NXK 195/60r14 black wall h 85
    15151NXK 235/55r17 black wall h 99
    15139NXK p185/65r14 black wall t p 85
    15129NXK 175/70r14 black wall t 84
    15130NXK 175/65r15 black wall h 84
    15153NXK 225/50r17 black wall t 94
    12561NXK p185/60r14 black wall h p 82
    15141NXK p205/65r15 black wall t p 92
    15152NXK 215/50r17 black wall h 91
    12564NXK 205/60r15 black wall h 90
    15143NXK 215/65r16 black wall t 98
    15405NXK 205/75r15 white wall s 97
    15142NXK p215/65r15 black wall t p 95
    15406NXK 215/75r15 white wall s 100
    15131NXK 205/65r16 black wall t 95
    15144NXK 235/65r16 black wall t 103
    15133NXK 225/65r17 black wall t 102
    15132NXK 215/65r17 black wall t 99
    15407NXK 225/75r15 white wall s 102
    15134NXK 185/60r15 black wall t 84
    13022NXK 215/60r17 black wall t 96
    15145NXK p195/60r15 black wall t p 87
    15403NXK 195/75r14 white wall s 92
    15399NXK 185/70r14 black wall t 88
    15404NXK 205/75r14 white wall s 95
    14658NXK 185/65r15 black wall h 88
    15147NXK 215/60r16 black wall t 95
    15146NXK p205/60r16 black wall t p 91
    15135NXK 225/60r17 black wall t 99

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