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SP Sport 5000
Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Tires
SP Sport 5000

  • Description

      Asymmetrical tread pattern helps provide a balance of wet and dry performance Large, stable, interconnected tread blocks enhance dry cornering, grip, and stability Independent inner tread blocks with open shoulder grooves provide powerful water dispersion and all-season grip Full width, twin-cut steel belts help provide ride uniformity and excellent footprint shape Exclusive, high-performance tread helps provide enhanced grip and control in a range of driving conditions Jointless Band Technology™ helps maintain the tire's shape, enabling smooth performance at highway speeds Max Flange Shield® helps protect rims from accidental curb damage**

  • Part Number Size SideWall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    265014754 P215/60R16 BW V P 94
    265037613 P245/50ZR17 BW W P 98
    265037643 P225/55R17 BW H P 95
    265037645 P245/45R18 BW V P 96
    265037648 245/45R17 BW V 95
    265037649 P225/45R19 BW W P 92
    265037658 225/55R18 RBL H 98
    265037661 255/60R17 SB H 106
    265038960 215/45R18 BW W 89
    265037601 195/60R16 BW H 89
    265037657 P255/55R18 SB H P 104
    265038565 P195/65R15 BSL H P 89
    265014747 225/40R18 88
    265014757 225/50R18 BSW 95
    265037647 225/45R17 BSW 91

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