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Congratulations Steph Curry, NBA 3-Point Leader!

February 7, 2022

Congratulations to Stephen Curry on breaking Ray Allen's record for the most career 3-pointers made!


On December 14th at the temple to basketball that is Madison Square Garden, in front of an electric, sold out crowd, Curry accomplished the amazing feat of making his 2,974th 3-point field goal, and becoming the NBA's leading 3-point shooter of all time.  Astonishingly, it took Allen a career of 1,300 NBA games to set his 3-point career record, while Curry needed just 789 games to overtake him.  With Curry still in his prime, the question now becomes: how high can Steph set the bar?  What's definitely undeniable, is the generational impact which Curry has had on the game.  Increasing the number of 3-pointers taken across the league, and inspiring young players around the world in the process.


Furthermore, Curry sets the tone for his teammates on the Warriors: fun loving, humble, hardworking and ultra-competitive by nature, his qualities inspire and lead the Warriors by example.  His single season 3 point record breaking performance of 402 3-pointers during his unanimous MVP season (2015-16), is renowned.  His offensive efficiency is essentially otherworldly.  However, his family first attitude, his team first approach, his charity work and giving are what make Curry the complete package.  A down to earth superstar who doesn't brag, whine, or boast.  He leads by example and he is the type of role model whom everyone can appreciate both on and off the court - dazzling to watch play, and a model of how to truly win with class.


California Wheels is lucky to have served Stephen Curry as a customer, and we just wanted to join the chorus of praise for our favorite superstar, and shout out his tremendous feat!  After 3 NBA Titles, 2 MVPs, and too many records to list, we look forward to cheering on Steph and our beloved Warriors as they continue to strive for excellence, and chase another title this season!

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